Kathy, the owner of SuStaLoons LLC, is a Certified Balloon Artist and deco-twister (decorating and twisting).
Kathy is a member of Qualatex Balloon Network, BalloonHQ, and

For more details, contact:
Kathy Ashley Elam, Owner
PO Box 3943
Jackson, MS 39207



Email: or

SuStaLoons uses quality and vibrant colors of air- and/or helium-filled balloons to make creative “whimsical” and/or “elegant” designs such as:

  • bouquets
  • arches
  • columns
  • sculptures
  • centerpieces
  • balloonicatures, and


  • Balloon twisting (twisting animals, hats, bracelets, etc.)
  • Corporate events
  • Church function
  • Gifts
  • Parties
  • Proms
  • School events
  • Weddings
  • Deliveries
  • Any event imaginable

SuStaLoons also handcrafts currency into money roses that are adorned with colorful ribbons (note: the currency is not altered and spendable). This art is called curregami (cur-re-gum-e). The money roses are designed as bouquets, long stems, corsages, boutonnieres, rosebuds, and any designs that roses are typically used for.

If you are working with a theme, let us know.
SuStaLoons can put the WOW in it!

CBA Certified Balloon ARTIST Qualatex Balloon Network